Computer Science & Technology

The diploma in Computer Science and Technology prepares students to work as entry-level software developers in small, medium or large enterprises not only in India but also abroad.

Our students gain experience in creating state-of-the-art software systems through theoretical and practical coursework in computer science and application programming. Throughout the program, students are asked to work individually and in teams, enabling them to develop their communication skills and autonomy. The Second year students take part in an industrial internship where they gain valuable experience in the workplace.

Students pursuing the course will be exposed to multiple programming languages and paradigms. To better understand networking and cloud deployment, topics such as data communications, operating systems and cloud systems are covered in depth. A diploma engineering in Computer Science and Technology program prepares students to enter the work force immediately after graduation.

Some of the entry-level employment opportunities include software developer, web developer and mobile application developer. Diploma students are employed in finance, banking, transportation, manufacturing, insurance, health care, government, education and research environments.



  • Computer Fundamental Laboratory
  • Database Management Laboratory
  • Computer Graphics Laboratory
  • System Programming & Compiler Design Laboratory
  • Data Structure Laboratory
  • Programming Laboratory (C, Java, VB, C++)
  • Operating System Laboratory
  •  Computer Networking Laboratory