Our Vision & Mission


Not simply to succeed but to surpass, Vince Te Ipsum (Surpass Oneself). Foster a vibrant learning milieu focusing diploma education in all its aspects i.e. theory, practice, interdisciplinary projects, training & placement, soft and interpersonal skills, lifelong learning, societal values and ethics and entrepreneurship.


  • To train the students to achieve superior standards, and quality in diploma engineering so that they are suitable for higher studies & research, design R&C industrial laboratories.
  • To develop professionalism with strong foundations adapting to changing technology.
  • To arrange training for the students in industry to develop their industry orientation and industry institute interaction
  • Improvement of fundamental skills in Maths, Science, English and basic engineering for the students.
  • Organising the spirit of value based studies for human development, games & sports, Interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.